what we do

WE give to children in need to help encourage and support:

families that are living in shelters, families that are living in recovery based housing programs, children in foster care, children in underserved communities, children in underserved schools.

By delivering a gift of kindness. Your gift can create the most spectacular result. We are expanding from our Annual Toy Drive to a year round giving program.

Please become a friend and help create the motivation to help change and shape the future of a child in need.

WE celebrate
life achievements, graduations, birthdays, good report cards, holidays and more!

about our founder

Over 20 years ago Lynne Corry was homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Plus she was separated from her son Tyler as she was waiting to be admitted to the program that gave her a second chance.

Lynne and Tyler became residents at the Young Mothers Program, an intensive residential substance use disorder treatment program in NYC where women can live with their young children while working on their recovery and their parenting skills in a supportive, structured environment.

In residence at the Young Mothers Program Christmas season was a gloomy time for Lynne and the other mothers who had no gifts to give their children.  Lynne made an effort to boost morale and create change by contacting a few toy stores who donated gifts.

Since that first year Lynne made the commitment to run an annual toy drive for the mothers and children, and together with her son Tyler, husband Joe, and many friends and supporters has kept that commitment every year for 22 years.

Seeing the positive impact that the annual holiday drive brings to these families, Lynne recognizes the power of doing more ─ to bring joy and positive reinforcement to families in need not only once a year but NOW with a small gift to recognize and celebrate birthdays, good report cards, graduations and other accomplishments and milestones.

“Our gifts of kindness lend a hand to vulnerable families."  

* The Young Mothers Program was founded by the family-focused substance abuse service agency Veritas. It is now part of Samaritan Daytop Village, a comprehensive social services agency with a network of more than 50 facilities located throughout New York City, Long Island and upstate New York.

our mission

“The Giving Friends mission is to recognize positive accomplishments and milestones of vulnerable New York City families as they strive to create better lives for themselves by celebrating them through our give a gift program and annual holiday toy drive.

Children nominated by their agency, residence, or teacher, will receive a gift from givingfriends, based on a particular positive accomplishment and/or milestone. We will be a friend to struggling parents by celebrating the achievement, birthday and holidays with their children.  We focus on the families in New York City and nearby locations where families are living in shelters, recovery based housing, sober houses, and other nonprofit housing facilities. We have been a good friend to many children for over 20 years.

Please join as we launch our year round 'give a gift' delivery program. Help givingfriends  delivery some love, donate today!

the giving friends team

Lynne is the founder and CEO of givingfriends. (read more on our 'about our founder' page)  She is taking her 22 year Annual Toy Drive to the next level by creating givingfriends and the new year round 'give a gift' program. Her commitment and motivation has proven to be successful as demonstrated in her recent delivery of over 1500 holiday gift bags. Now, together with her BFF's they will deliver to children on a monthly basis as selected through our nomination process. Follow us on social media to nominate a child and watch us deliver some smiles!

Tyler Smyth

Tyler is the inspiration for givingfriends. He is Lynne's motivation to become a sober mother. Tyler was raised in sobriety and has been an integral part of the annual toy drive since elementary school. He has organized class and grade toy collection and fundraising. Tyler has recruited is high school to participate and both the school and his friends still participate every year. Tyler was amazed on how much his high school was able to contribute for our  2019 challenge. Tyler is working and attending college and will continue to fund raise for this cause on a part-time basis. School is the priority and we want him to stay on track! We know we can count on him and his friend group whenever we need them!

Patty comes to givingfriends with years of experience and skills in giving from the heart. She has the keen ability to organize, prioritize and create a seamless operation for our annual toy drive. Now Patty has accepted the challenge to expand to yearlong programming. A math teacher by day at Sacred Heart School, and evenings she teaches at Mercy College. Patty is a resident of New Rochelle, a loving mother of seven (yes seven!) children and an adoring grandmother of four. She holds multiple higher education degrees in law, engineering and teaching.

Bern has been connected with founder Lynne for over 20 years and has participated every year in the annual toy drive. As this program has grown, so have her contributions and commitment. Bern has a ‘built in’ giving feature as we have watched her kindness and love flourish as she  has weathered personal and family challenges. She is the strength in her family while supporting her daughter to adopt not one, but two beautiful children from Haiti. Not a small undertaking, and she has seen first-hand what a vulnerable population is and it has strengthened her commitment to helping others in need. She is exactly what givingfriends needs on the team. Bern lives in the Bronx and is one of the leading Real Estate Brokers at Keller Williams.

“Kate” is our number one gift wrapper!  She not only likes to collect, donate and deliver… she really loves to wrap! You can tell this about her because every time she comes to a givingfriends event, she has bags of gift paper and about 20 pairs of scissors with her! Now that Kate has retired from the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell she has committed to grow our year-round gifting program. Kate is an asset for creating new partnerships and delivering smiles. Kate comes to us from Rockland County.

Karen has participated in the annual toy drive for over 15 years and has enthusiastically stepped up to make our new year-long gift program a success. Karen lives in NYC with her family, travels the world for business and pleasure and still finds time to come out and deliver a Buzz Lightyear or two (or twenty) to our grateful recipients. Karen is a stock broker and Partner at the investment firm Gilder Gagnon & Howe & Co LLC. She is on the board and Treasurer of Concerned Citizens of Montauk, a member of the Columbus Citizens Foundation and manages the Karen Legotte Foundation.  

Jim has been a friend of founder Lynne for 20 years since they were Board members at the family-focused substance abuse agency Veritas, the original home of the Young Mothers Program. He brings to givingfriends 40+ years’ experience as a marketing communications professional including at Y&R where he was Senior Vice President/Account Director, at the NYC multi-service agency for older adults PSS (where he retired in December 2019 as Senior Director of Communications), and the multi-faith Health Care Chaplaincy Network as Executive Vice President for Marketing & Communications. At the Partnership for a Drug-free America, Jim and the team developed online communications programs to help parents reduce teen drug abuse.  Jim recruited Lynne to the Partnership’s Parents Advisory Board to assist families to have the conversation about addiction, and Lynne and son Tyler were highlighted in a fundraising video for their annual gala.

delivering smiles

We will be a friend to struggling parents by celebrating achievements, birthdays and holidays with their children. We focus on the families in NYC and nearby locations where families are living in shelters, recovery based housing, sober houses, and other nonprofit housing facilities. We have been a good friend to many children for over 20 years. “Our gifts of kindness lend a hand to vulnerable families”

Let’s be friends as we launch our year round “give a gift” delivery program. Help givingfriends deliver some love!




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Moving Out Basket $100.00

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Each basket is representative of resources, supplies or support for families of giving friends.

Birthday Basket $250.00

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Each basket is representative of resources, supplies or support for families of giving friends.

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